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他把我绑在床上舔我奶|水泥檩条机"You jingxiang people can't afford to lose!" Lu lingqi disdained to use a long gun clap clap wenpin's shoulder way: "deal with a few women all want to make such a big battle?", it seemed like plan for burn out qiang people, but in fact, marotta is secretly the differentiation of the qiang people, he came here, is naturally in the idea of chuan burn out qiang, but burn out qiang as the qiang people now one of the highest prestige and strength, its strength and even more than lyu3 bu4 horses added up to now, such a centaurs burn if when the old king was still alive, would be very serious impact on the governance of lu bu."And? Sanhu has decided, but qinhu side although promised to send troops, but I do not know whether it can cooperate with our army? Leaving linrong, lu bu not without concern said.

"Lu bu rebuked zhang he by the side of pusbanjin and sent back the heads of han meng and sima fang. Meanwhile, general gao shunjin of the commander of the imperial army entered the jin army. Freeze.Military commanders seem to hurt, just a hand against him, by zhou cang a pull down from the horse, as for more than a dozen who, rickety, such as military commanders were zhou cang up, has been in a pool without saying a word, no sound, in the face of 50 well-trained, cooperate with the tacit understanding, and all the veteran of the battlefield, the pro who regardless of number or individual ability is not dominant, above a full mow down at the cliff, and aim at lyu3 bu4, these people can rarely stay alive."I have long heard that han women are quite savoury. Since so many of them have come today, let them in and I'll just have a look." Ugota laughed, and the xianbei people around him laughed too.他把我绑在床上舔我奶|"I ask you, where is my lady?" A shrew pawn direct the wen pin turn over, fierce spirit evil spirit of ask a way.

他把我绑在床上舔我奶|"I have met with you before: general zhong lang, who is the military advisor of general zheng xi's office." Li ru came to the public, looking at the different looks of the people, slightly smiled."No." Marotta see the crowd's way: "my master lu bu, early in the Great Wall, a fly will destroy the house of hate with the huns, xianbei, but his life the most hated person, but not the families, but the people of collaborationist, burn out qiang help Korea hence against our army, is a private grievance, my master is unlikely to pursue, but burn when helping huns destroyed qiang han people, but my master must not be tolerated.""I am the protector of the western region, not the messenger. Why didn't the king of juyan salute me?" Lv lingqi's eyes a cold, not evasive look to juyan king.

"Planned? A long time, qiang people young just wake up from shock, incredible looking at the army han: "you say all this is planned?""Your majesty, hamur has disgraced you." Tent, just daub on herbal medicine ha mu son see liu bao personally come over, a face ashamed of the way.Tanu quickly ran out, not for a while, sad face back, crying: "wang, first zero wang and Wolf qiang wang have taken all away, only us.他把我绑在床上舔我奶|




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